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Christine Vienna is an American actress classically trained in both NY & LA, including private training with Spike Lees' sister Joie Lee. She began her interest in the arts through tap dancing with such talents as Debbie Allen and James Cagney. Christine has had co-starring roles on Comedy Central, Discovery Channel, as well as in several films and commercials.

Christine recently co-starred in an all Improv Comedy feature film with a four time Emmy Award winning director. Christine's is also a professional public speaker having delivered speeches at Universities across the country on self confidence and at many High Schools & Grammar Schools. Her labor of love has been teaching self confidence and personal development for many years as well as dance, pageant & public speaking training.  It brings her great joy to inspire! As if acting, public speaking, being a Published Cover model, avid Philanthropist and a single mom for 25 years isn't enough Christine is a  Cupcake Artist,  Home Chef, Artist (Acrylic on Canvas) and has even worked as a Personal Chef  and Party Planner for some high profile and famous clients. Christine on the premiere episode of a brand new show on Food Network on July 1st, Cupcake Championship. Currently writing her first cookbook and teaching her piping techniques to students around the world she still makes time for family first.  You can find her baking in a glamorous get up and high heels in her home Film Studio creating recipes and content. Christine Venna Bakes is a Custom order Bakery in Johnstown, PA.  In addition to being mostly in the kitchen, Christine has just introduced her 1st Jewelry Collection available now in her online store.

Christine Vienna has been called both the modern day Sophia Loren and the Victoria's Secret sexy version of Martha Stewart.


 "I'm just a girl who puts love into everything I do. After all, there can never be too much love in the world!"

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